About Us

APCO Golden Rule..

If we were the customer, what would we expect?

Experience & Stability

APCO has been providing sign solutions throughout the world for over 50 years, this includes over 20 years as a UK distributor.

We have a proven record of managing the most complex of projects, and by selecting a sign provider with solid infrastructure and stability, you are assured of product availability and service for years to come.


We strive to provide our customers with the most attractive and functional signs available. We offer outstanding customer services for as long as you have your sign system.


Products are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials, built to last and easy to maintain.

Product Design

Design and innovation have been at the core of APCO's business since 1966

It is our Passion! With an unprecedented amount of awards for Product Design Excellence, APCO continues to offer a board range of innovative sign solutions.

Committed to the Environment

We all share the same planet, so we view the protection of our environment not as a marketing opportunity but truly as part of our obligation to society and future generations.

We are proud to be an environmentally conscious company, having developed a range of modular products that help to reduce waste, energy consumption and the negative impact upon our environment, with out comprising design or durability.

All APCO products are pre-engineered and modular so updates can be made with out replacing the entire sign. This extends the products life cycle and helps reduce waste.